Ken Goodman L.C.S.W.

Anxiety and OCD Therapy, Coaching, and Self-Help

Group Therapy


The class was supportive, informative, empowering and life changing.”

Hotel Concierge, 11-year anxiety sufferer

The Anxiety Solutions Class was amazing! A great group. It really works.”

Physical Therapist, 30-year social anxiety sufferer

I finally learned tools that work! I found hope, gained freedom and found courage to take risks.”

Waitress, life-long anxiety sufferer

Dear Ken: Thank you for the time you have taken to teach this anxiety class. You have given us tools so that we can face each day with a little more courage. I am so thankful that I came back after that first night when I was so anxious. I know that the decision to return was a defining moment in my life. I am so grateful.”

Homemaker, life-long anxiety sufferer

Ken helped me see that I could control my anxiety rather than it controlling me. It has been an enormous relief to learn these simple techniques that have changed my life."

Homemaker, life-long anxiety suffer

The Social Anxiety Group was very helpful. I feel more comfortable doing everyday things and I now resist the natural tendency to avoid social interactions.”

Accountant, life-long social anxiety sufferer

Although the group was uncomfortable at first it was also very helpful. I’m more relaxed when I talk to people. I communicate more. I’m more willing to approach a stranger.”

Franchisee, six-year social anxiety sufferer

This class was life-changing and inspiring. I realized that I wasn’t alone. I’m now able to make better eye contact with others. I use the techniques and I realize that my social fears are primarily within my head.”

Educational Filmmaker, life-long social anxiety sufferer

I can now strike up a conversation with strangers or new friends. I am much more assertive asking for help or giving honest feedback. Although the class was challenging it was fulfilling.”

Librarian, life-long social anxiety sufferer

Dear Ken, I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten the things you taught me. I think of the “tools” often and I have had many successes. I am driving all over the place now. We are going to Italy this November for our 35th. The class will always be part of me. Gratefully yours."


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