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Anxiety and OCD Therapy, Coaching, and Self-Help

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Who can Benefit?

I specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder. I treat children, adolescents and adults who suffer with panic attacks, phobias, excessive worry, obsessive thinking, compulsive behaviors, social anxiety, fearful thoughts, separation anxiety and symptoms related to past trauma. Along with anxiety I also work with patients who suffer with other related issues including depression, loss and relationship problems.

Office Locations

I have offices in Porter Ranch and Encino both of which are accessible by elevator and stairs. Both offices have parking lots and are on major bus lines.


Porter Ranch

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Online Virtual Office

Coaching services are provided online through Secure Video. This service is easy to use and convenient for those who live too far from either of my two offices.

Psychotherapy and Coaching

There is a difference between psychotherapy and coaching. Psychotherapy covers all mental health problems including anxiety disorders, all forms of OCD, depression, self-destructive behaviors, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, thoughts of harming others, and a history of trauma including physical and sexual abuse. Patients can also receive hypnosis and EMDR, treatment modalities not utilized in coaching. Coaching is appropriate for treatment of fears, phobias, anxiety, agoraphobia, panic, worry, and most forms of OCD. I provide instruction, guidance, and teach the skills and strategies needed to reclaim your life. Coaching can be provided via Zoom video conferencing but psychotherapy needs to take place in my office. Coaching services are provided for clients outside the state of California and are not covered by insurance. I will conduct an assessment over the phone for all residents outside of Los Angeles and California to determine if coaching via video conferencing is appropriate or if psychotherapy with a provider in your area is better suited.

Health Anxiety Sufferers

Health Anxiety is a fear of having or contracting a major medical illness like cancer, ALS, stroke, etc. (watch my webinar to learn more). I work with people who suffer with this disorder from all over the U.S. and some parts of the world. I currently have two options.

Click to learn more: Private Coaching Health Anxiety Classes

Driving Anxiety Classes

Driving anxiety comes in all forms ranging from fear of highways to driving over bridges to making left-hand turns (see my webinar to learn more). In addition to the low cost, the advantage of a class is that people feel less alone in their struggle. Classes are one hour in length and are comprised of four people who suffer with driving anxiety. The cost is $480 for eight classes ($60 a class). To learn more, click here.

Click to learn more: Driving Anxiety Classes

Rates and Insurance

The cost for psychotherapy and coaching is $200 per session which is 45 to 50 minutes. I can submit claims to your insurance company for psychotherapy services (in the office or via video conferencing) and depending upon your insurance/benefit, you will receive money back. In most cases I can determine the amount of the reimbursement before treatment begins. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss payment options. All assistance I provide to clients living outside the state of California is coaching, a service not covered by insurance.

Anxiety Questionnaire

Please complete this assessment prior to our first session. Save it to your computer and then email it to me at

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