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Emetophobia Prerecorded Workshop

The Emetophobia Manual on STEROIDS!

For those who loved the book and want more. A prerecorded ten-session workshop conducted live with eight people who suffer with emetophobia!


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You CAN Conquer Emetophobia!

Watch a prerecorded ten-week workshop conducted by Ken Goodman with eight other people who suffer with emetophobia. It will feel like you are part of the experience.

*Experience 13 hours of recorded video
*Follow along and learn step-by-step.
*Take the course at your own pace.
*Complete the weekly homework.
*Watch five former emetophobes share what they did to beat their disorder.
*Pause the class, take notes, watch sessions repeatedly to reinforce what you learn


"I'm just so pumped about this workshop!  It is so valuable." 

30 year emetophobia sufferer and mom of two

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Workshop Reviews

Thank you for this wonderful workshop! I found it very helpful and all the issues resonated with me and my emetophobia. I found Ken was great at suggesting good ideas and tips to help us work through his book and find the motivation and time to push through. Being able to see how the manuals steps to freedom apply to these individuals, and see how similar their problems are to mine, makes it so much easier to keep going and working hard at beating this. After 40 years of this phobia, I feel full of hope, motivation and I can’t wait to do hard things as I’m excited to be free!


Firstly, I would like to thank Ken for sharing his vast knowledge and experience to making other people's life better. Second, I would like to express my appreciation and admiration for the workshop participants for their bravery and determination to not only participate in this journey, but also share their challenges and giving the rest of us an opportunity to see and feel how others see and feel emetophobia. You are all my heroes.
As I went through each recorded session and steps to freedom, I felt many moments of joy, frustration, laughter,
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